There is lots of tango around the world - plan your tango holiday from here!

Also lots of information to learn more about the background to tango, the music and culture.


  General information sites
El TANGUATA, one of the main tango magazines in Buenos Aires
AN ARGENTINA SERVER Lots of stuff on Argentina including music files and lots of lyrics for Tango and other popular Argentina music.
Great new website TodoTango, based in Argentina, sheet music, essays, lyrics,discographies, radio programmes and more.
Garrit Fleischmann'a great Cyber Tango Pages in Frankfurt - includes links to lots of other Tango Pages
Canadian Tango Site in Toronto. There is an interesting page on the 8 favourite orchestras for dancing
Also from Toronto, a great CBC radio series on the history of tango music, dance and culture. Esto es el Tango, - The is the Tango. The society has this on tape as well.
Ernst Buchenbergers pages in Vienna
Tangouu - a new Website about tango in Argentina, including a shop to by sheet music, videos, CDs postcards etc.
Rob's lovely guide to Tango in Amsterdam and the Netherlands and the world
Flor de Fango school in Arhnem, the Netherlands
El Corte - tango home of visiting teacher Eric Jorissen in Nijmegen, NL. Includes 100 favourite Nijmegen Tangos
Biki and Muzo of La Zapada, Arnhem
London and the UK
EL Once, a UK based magazine that is a guide to tabog round the world in its paper form , and on the Web, useful info if you live in London area.
Tango-UK, a UK wide tango mailing lsit with links and contacts for most UK tango groups
Tangolab - check out Biljana's pages for her London club at the Dome, and performances.

Glasgow - details of the Glagow tango group

Caminito, a London club, and base of teachers Lisa and Miguel
Las Estrellas, another London club
Cambridge tango. Our tango friends.
TotalTango: Christine Denison's Tango school and shop in London
The Factory - London tango classes and events
Tango Argentino Leeds - some of the tango in Leeds
Paris: Lots going on in Paris and France
Someone's been working hard putting together a Clickable tango map of Europe
Tango in Rome
Tangoneon, Madrid - the excellent Madrid tango magazine
Madrid Another Spanish source, El Tango
Dublin Tango Society, our celtic cousins recently started their own tango society too.
Cosmotango, the web page of maestros Fabian Salas and Gustavo Naveira
An Argentinean Tango Page in Argentina
Cybertango's information on accomodation and dancing in Buenos Aires
Getting music and other things
A list of dancable Tango CD's, and a few good links
Radio Tango Argentina - on-line radio, music and lyrics files
TodoTango, based in Argentina, gifs of sheet music, lyrics, discographies
Christian Mensing's comprehensive pages on Tango Music - covering the bandoneon, where to get sheet music and recordings, and midi files, and even tango musicians!
If you want to buy music go to the great MUNDIAL catalogue, a Netherlands based record store.
It is new, but worth a try. Zirval tango Store in Argentina for music.
Bridge to the Tango : US tango teacher and entrepreneur Daniel Trenner's site selling instructional videos, and CD's, and tango holidays
Yahoo shopping service also has loads of Tango
For ETS members, ask Toby if you want to buy music as he has a large collection and can advise you, and often makes bulk purchases from Mundial and elsewhere. Alternatively borrow from the library only 50p a week.

For sheet music try: TodoTango , Universelles, Tangouu or Christian's pages


Pictures: for some old tango pictures try these two sites:
Vintage images (for sale as prints) , Old tango postcards, more postcards
Great video clips of tango from the Sally Potter Film, The Tango Lesson and from Saura's Tango are on the Sony web Site. why did they have to include some of the cheesiest conversations ever put on film insteadof the great dance scenes!
Other links


Argentine Embassy in London. New website, hopefully will be as good as the US one sometime
Anglo-Argentine Society - includes information on events, such as tango shows, talks, polo matches (!) etc, mostly SE England though.
Tango Dance Holidays


A list of tango festivals compiled by Jørn Knustad, on CyberTango
Dance Holidays in Essex run a number of tango holidays in Spain and Argentina
Caledonia Languages Abroad , Edinburgh run a tango and spanish language trip to Buenos Aires in the Autumn
Bridge to the Tango tours: trips to BA and other locations by Daniel Trenner's US based organisation.