Weekly Classes

Weekly classes in Edinburgh arranged in conjunction with the ETS

If you want to learn tango as a beginner, or to continue learning at improver level, then there are weekly classes in Edinburgh, twice a week. There are also once a month intro classes on a Saturday morning. The ETS works with DanceBase and Dance for All, two local studios to promote tango classes.

At present there are weekly classes on Monday, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and a monthly introductory session on Sunday afternoon at Baracoa.

These classes are given by Ricardo Oria, from Buenos Aires, helped by other local dancers (Jessie, Monica and Anne), and are intended to give a grounding in technique for beginners and post beginners, and help with more advanced techniques and improsiation for those with more experience. The classes also introduce the music of tango. The ETS also brings professional teachers from Europe and Argentina 10 times a year to teach more advanced technique and interpretation, and different styles(more info).

Monday Evening

Tuesdays Evening

Thursday Evening


Weekend Workshops


Sunday Free Introductory Class

Every Sunday afternoon at 6pm the ETS runs a free 1/2 introductory class for those with no experience

Venue: The Counting House, West Nicolson St MAP

Monday Class at Dance for All

Taught by Ricardo Oria and Jessie Kennedy. Organised by Dance for All at the Theatre School,.

Beginners: 8:30-9:15

Booking: Please Call Dance for All at the Theatre School, (0131 226 5533)

Venue: Dance for All at the Theatre School, 106 St Stephen's St , StockbridgeMAP 

Thursday Classes at Dance for All

Taught by Ricardo Oria and Jessie Kennedy. For improvers (a few months dancing) and intermediates (confident dancers), and organised by Dance for All at the Theatre School, 106 St Stephen's St , Stockbridge. MAP 

New courses have started for the Autumn and run til 19th December

Thursdays from 1st week in September 2001

Improvers 8-9pm

Intermediates 9-10pm.

Booking: Please Call Dance for All at the Theatre School, (0131 226 5533)

Prices: Improvers, £5/£4.50 conc. for 12 weeks; Beginners, £5/£4.50 conc. for 12 weeks.

Venue: Dance for All at the Theatre School, 106 St Stephen's St , Stockbridge

Full details from James Stewart, 0131 650 6392 or Toby Morris 0700 70 TANGO (07007082646)

These classes are run on a termly basis. Please pay in advance for 10 classes (and get 12). The studio has a system where these payments are transferable across terms and classes.

Tuesday Classes at DanceBase

From End of April for 10 weeks

These classes are run by DanceBase, and will be taught by professional tango teacher Ricardo Oria and partners from the ETS in the fantastic new DanceBase Studioes on the Grassmarket. They are for three levels of dancer: absolte beginner - those with no experience at all, beginner, those who have done one term, or occasional lessons, or who want to recap the basics, and intermediate, those confident with the basics and wanting to do more advanced stuff (same level as Thursday intermediate classes)

From October

Intermediates (More than 1year experience): 6:15-7:15pm Taught by Ricardo and Jessie
Complete Beginners: 7:15-8:15:pm. Taught by Ricardo and Anne
Beginners 8:15-9:15. Taught by Ricardo

Booking: Please call DanceBase 0131 225 5525

Prices £40 a term.

Venue: DanceBase, The GrassMarket

Full details on teaching from James Stewart, 0131 650 6392 or TobyMorris 0700 70 TANGO (0700 708 2646)

 Wednesday and Thursday Lunchtime Class at Edinburgh University

These classes are the ETS with the EU Hispanic Soc.They start on the 12th October. They are taught Ricardo Oría.

Thursday and WednesdayLunchtime

Mixed level from Beginners:12:45-1:45

Booking: Open class, jut turn up or call 07007082646

Prices £2

Venue: Societies Centre, the Pleasance. In the Highland Room, Top Floor, Salisbury Building.

Full details on teaching from Toby 0700 70 TANGO (0700 708 2646)

Information for All Classes

NO PARTNER NEEDED. The classes generally have a balance of men and women, but this varies week to week sometimes more men (usually), sometimes more women. It is better to arrange to come with someone of the opposite sex, to help us balance numbers.

What to Wear in the classes: Wear comfortable clothing, and shoes with a leather or similar sole. Rubber soled trainers and sandels will be hard work to dance in. Women will start to dance in high heels as they gain more practice, and may choose to start wearing at the beginners class. Long skirts can also get tangled and make it difficult to see your feet when you are trying to learn some of the steps.

If these are not convenient, or you want to learn and it is the middle of the term then weekend workshops are the thing for you. The weekend workshops always include a complete beginners session from on Saturday mornings.