Ricado Oria


Ricado Oria is a young professional tango dancer and teacher from Buenos Aires who is based in Edinburgh. He has been teaching, dancing in shows and giving exhibitions in many locations in Buenos Aires over the last 3 years, with partners including Alicia Sampayo, Dalila Yentel, Ivanna Mileo, Silvia Cespedes, Florencia Martinez and Biljana Lipic. His tango studies have been with Gloria y Rodolfo Dinzel in the University of Tango, BsAs Valencia Vatiuk, Angel Coria, Estela Arcos, Eduardo Capussi y Mariana Flores, Rodolfo Dinzel, Vanina y Roberto, Juan Carlos Copes, Jorge y Liliana Rodriguez, Javier Rodriguez y Geraldin Rojas and Daniel Vera. Since arriving in Europe he has performed and taught in London, other British cities, and in Madrid. In his teaching he emphasises improvisation, and a close dance style.

Ricardo dancing with Biljana Lipic

He is currently working at Dancebase, the Scottish national dance centre, and Dance for All at the Theatre School, both in Edinburgh, He is available to teach and perform around Britain and in Europe. Please contact Ricardo directly at [email protected] (0131 5571543) or James for more infomation and bookings.