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Radio Tango Argentina
on-line radio, music and lyrics files
Based in Argentina, gifs of sheet music, lyrics, discographies
Some Real Audio music downloads
Christian Mensing's Tango Music
Comprehensive pages on Tango Music covering the bandoneon, where to get sheet music and recordings, and midi files, and even tango musicians!
Tango and Milonga: A close relationship
Article on rhythms of tango and milonga and their relationship, on the Latin American Folk Institute pages
Tango Rhythm by David Drake
Short Article on rhythms of tango and milonga
Argentine Tango History by Bill Matthiesen
Article on history of tango focusing on rhythns and music.
Rhythm, Meter, and Dance of the Argentine Tango
Kristin Wendland - Emory University Longer introductory paper on music of tango, with reference to individual pieces, but not the actual clips.
The Evolution of Tango Music - by Pablo Aslan
Pablo, who is leader and bass player of one of the leading contemporary tango groups, also has other interesting on the music of tango and how to dance to it.

Buying Music

Zirval tango Store
Try Zirvals in Argentina for music. Very good prices on multiple purchases.
Danza y Movimiento
Hamburg-based on-line retailer with great selection, and online preview
Amazon has plenty of tango, by all the well known bands
Great catalogue, a Netherlands based record store.
UK based importer of tango and Cuban music, run by a tango dancer
There is some music on iTunes ,for example D'Angelis , or Troilo , or Pugliese
Bridge to the Tango
US tango teacher and entrepreneur Daniel Trenner's site selling instructional videos, and CD's , and tango holidays
Yahoo shopping service
Has loads of Tango
For ETS members
Ask Toby if you want to buy music as he has a large collection and can advise you, and often makes bulk purchases from Mundial and elsewhere. Alternatively borrow from the library only 50p a week.

Finding Sheet Music

Tango books online (castellanolibros)
Site selling books on tango (in spanish)

Tango Musicians


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