Weekend Tango Workshops

BAILONGO! - A Celebration of Argentinean Tango in the UK

6-7 December 2003

BAILONGO! bringstogether teachers of tango from all over the UK and furthur afield to give classes over the weekend. This is the first time this event has happened, and is expected to attract tango enthusiasts from all over the UK. It is being organised by Jenny and Ricardo, Edinburgh based tango teachers well known across the UK.

Jenny Frances and Ricardo Oria

A young and passionate tango couple, they teach a vocabulary of energy and communication, emphasising the dynamic roles of both partners in tango. Rumbos de Tango is based on their belief in the many different paths of tango and in Buenos Aires they explore these with masters such as los Dinzel. They work in the UK and abroad and this August they performed in the sell-out Edinburgh Fringe show, 'The Tango Spell'.


Biljana Lipic

Biljana has studied Argentinean Tango for 12 years with some of the major tango maestros here and in Buenos Aires. She travels across the UK and Europe giving workshops. In her teaching she encourages conscious communication, personal expression and freedom of improvisation through music and the flow of movement. Her current project with the tangolab performance group is La Milonga Interna, her first fully developed dance theatre piece.


Mike Rose and Stephanie Gögelein

They focus on feeling the music, communication with a dance partner, body control and how to enjoy tango. Their progressive system of teaching builds from simple things and how to dance them. Stephanie and Mike have built a growing and friendly tango community in Cambridge through their enthusiasm and passion for teaching.


Richard Manuel and Eleonora Simoes

Having studied with the most renowned tango teachers they developed a "very personal relaxed style". They share a passion for music, which they bring forward through their dance and teaching. They constantly address both leader and follower's roles with precise technical detail, their objective being to achieve an inner body understanding and to open doors to freedom and creativity.


Eduardo Bozzo and Misha

Eduardo studied tango for many years in Buenos Aires, before coming to the UK and was particularly inspired by Rodolfo and Maria Cieri. He is a dynamic teacher of tango argentino who brings energy and musicality to all his work. Misha and Eduardo are talented performers and choreographers, with an interest in dance fusion. Eduardo has taught, performed and lectured in Argentina, Costa Rica, Chile and now the UK.


Jessie Kennedy and Monica Tamariz

They were among the founders of the Edinburgh Tango Society and Jessie has travelled extensively to study tango with the leading maestros. Their teaching emphasizes precision in technique and focuses on the couple relation. In their dance they play with the forces within the couple and with moments of tension and release.


Accommodation for Visitors

Accomodation:  Plenty of B&Bs have information on the Internet. You can ask for something not too far from George Square (University of Edinburgh) or the Pleasance. All the venues are within walking distance of each other.

Jenny and Ricardo's Rumbos de Tango Website


No. Day Level Start End Theme Venue Price Select
1 Saturday Improver->Advanced 11:00 12:30 Jenny & Ricardo: The gancho connection The Roxy
2 Saturday Improver->Advanced 14:00 15:30 Mike & Stephanie : Shapes The Roxy
3 Saturday Inter/Adv 16:00 17:30 Richard & Eleonora: Changing direction in giros The Roxy
4 Sunday Improver->Advanced 12:00 13:30 Jessie & Monica: The Dynamic Embrace The Roxy
5 Sunday Improver->Advanced 14:00 15:30 Eduardo & Misha: Progression The Roxy
6 Sunday Inter/Adv 16:30 18:00 Biljana : Flow The Roxy

Venue Map and Addresses


Individual Prices

  • Christmas Ball - £16 (book here)
  • Individual workshops - £12 / £10 ETS
  • Tango cafe - £2 per day
  • Sunday Milonga - £2

Bailongo! Passes

Pass A - £40

  • 2 workshops
  • Christmas Ball
  • Tango cafe
  • Sunday Milonga

Pass B - £56

  • 4 workshops
  • Christmas Ball
  • Tango cafe
  • Sunday Milonga

Pass C - £70

  • 6 workshops
  • Christmas Ball
  • Tango cafe
  • Sunday Milonga

All passes must be booked and paid for in advance (before Mon 1st December 2003).  We like to balance numbers of leaders and followers in workshops.  To help us do this please book early.

Please make Cheques payable to 'Edinburgh Tango Society', and include:

  • Which workshops you would like to attend
  • Whether you will be leading or following.
  • A contact telephone number/email address.

Please print and post this form to:

Postal address for payment:  Jenny Frances and Ricardo Oria, Flat 8, 32 Gosford Place, EDINBURGH, EH6 4BH

Reservations and enquiries: Email: [email protected]  Tel: 07866 532 026 or through the form below

Booking or Information request

Please fill in your details, check classes you are interested in above, and Submit.

Or mail rumbosdetango@edinburghtango.org.uk