Weekend Tango Workshops

Julio Mendez with Jessie

7-8 August 2004

An ETS favourite, Julio Mendez returns for his annual visit to Edinburgh.

Julio Mendez

The dancing of Julio Mendez is saturated with the feeling of Argentine Tango, making him both a respected dancer in the community and a sought-after partner at the milongas. Simply watching him dance is an education. But Julio is much more than a fine and authentic dancer. His teaching combines extensive knowledge with patience, helpfulness, and personal attention to make his classes truly rewarding for students at all levels. Julio Mendez is an excellent representative of the modern generation of Tango dancers in Argentina. In addition to performing as a respected exhibition dancer, he is a real milonguero with deep feeling for and commitment to the traditions and ambience of Tango in Buenos Aires. At the same time Julio is a dancer of the new generation, open to the new currents in technique and dance vocabulary of the twenty-first century. Julio began Tango in 1993. His first important teachers in style and technique were Mingo and Ester Pugliese. His studies in milonguero style with Tete were very important to Julio. In addition he studied with Gustavo Naveira and Fabian Salas, with Julio Balmaceda, and with Omar Vega. He has toured extensively in the USA and Europe partnering with several excellent dancers including Florencia Taccetti, Elina Roldán, Gisella Schuster and Guilermina Quiroga.


No. Day Level Start End Theme Venue Price Select
1 Saturday Improver 11:00 12:15 Milonga Counting House £12/£10ETS
2 Saturday Improver/Intermediat 12:30 13:45 Milonga Counting House £12/£10ETS
3 Saturday Intermediate 14:45 16:00 Milonga Traspie Counting House £12/£10ETS
4 Saturday Inter/Adv 16:15 17:30 Milonga Traspie Counting House £12/£10ETS
5 Sunday Improver 11:00 12:15 Close Salon Tango Counting House £12/£10ETS
6 Sunday Improver/Intermediat 12:30 14:45 Close Salon Tango Counting House £12/£10ETS
7 Sunday Intermediate 14:45 16:00 Close Salon Tango Counting House £12/£10ETS
8 Sunday Inter/Adv 16:15 17:30 Close Salon Tango Counting House £12/£10ETS

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