Weekend Tango Workshops

Tango Weekend on Loch Tay

17-19 September 2010


The Edinburgh Tango Society (ETS) invites you to the 16th weekend of tango and outdoor activities at the loch-side activities centre on Loch Tay. This is a residential centre, full catered with facilities and instruction for outdoor activities such as skiing, canoeing, mountain biking etc, yoga, and a bar and dance floor for the evening/night. The weekend starts on Friday night and ends Sunday afternoon, and will include tango workshops in the morning and evening, dancing at night and outdoor activities in the day time. There is spaces for 37 guests, open to dancers from Scotland and visitors from the UK and abroad: we especially welcome visitors. The price covers accommodation, meals, outdoor activities and 4 hours of tango classes.The places will go on a first come first served basis open to all levels of dancers with at least 1 year experience. For the lessons the group will be split in two, both groups having 1 1/2 hour morning lessons on Saturday and Sunday, and each group having 1 hour on either Friday or Saturday. There is (optional) organised transportation to Firbush. This must be booked in advance.

Komala & Stephan

For over a decade Komala has been teaching in Europe where she is highly respected. She has a profound knowledge of the body and of the dynamics of tango. Her workshops followers are invaluable to followers who want to know their bodies better and to become more active in the dance, and her other workshops deal primarily with the energy and dynamics of the dance, preparing leaders and followers for a new level of communication. Komala started tango dancing in 1990. She began her professional career by teaching together with Eric Jorissen, founder of the famous tango center, El Corte, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. She is currently a main hostess and teacher of El Corte. Stefan Stefan started Tango in May 1997 because he needed some Tango steps for a chanson he was singing in a local theatre group :-) In no time he was completely caught up by this fascinating dance and could barely finish his preparations for a black belt in Karate. After achieving his black belt he very soon realized that he preferred a partner who is not responding to every movement he makes with a punch but with a soft and gentle movement ;-) After spending 1 year in Munich dancing nearly every night he was ready to look for something more and he found it in another city in another country: Nijmegen - Holland. There he stopped taking classes for a while and started dancing - all night & day long. And there he learned that there are mainly 3 components which make a Tango a Tango: * the partner you're dancing with * the music you're dancing to * the other people who are dancing in the same room with you After this period of 'just dancing' he started to take lessons again with different Argentinian teachers - among them Nancy y Damian. But the most inspiration he got from his work with Eric Jeurissen & Komala - not only regarding the dance but also the teaching. The most important thing since then is for him 'not what you dance but how you dance it'.




1 hour Class for group 1



Dance Classes 9:30-11 11:30-1


Outdoor activities


1 hour class for group 2
Dancing all night



Dance Classes 9:30-11 11:30-1


Packed Lunch
Outdoor activties or Dancing
Tea 4pm
Return to Edinburgh from 4:30pm

Please be aware that there is no public transport to Loch Tay - the nearest train station is 20 miles away and there are no buses on Sunday. If you need a lift, then we can help arrange it, but if youare booking flights to Edinburgh please make sure that they get here in time, and leave late enough to allow for a 2 Hour journey.

VR Panorama of Firbush and Loch Tay - Needs Quicktime 252Kb

If you are taking the minibus from the Sports Centre on the Pleasance, then here is a map of how to get their from the Market St Entrance of Waverley Station


No. Day Level Start End Theme Venue Price Select
1 Saturday and Sunday Improver/Intermediat 0:00 0:00 Firbush
2 Saturday and Sunday Advanced 0:00 0:00 Firbush

Venue Map and Addresses


110 per person TBC The price covers accommodation, meals, outdoor activities and 4 hours of tango classes

Booking or Information request

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Or mail firbush@edinburghtango.org.uk