Weekend Tango Workshops

Chicho and Eugenia

5-6 June 2004

On their first visit to Edinburgh, Chico and Eugenia will be giving lessons for advanced and intermediate dancers only, introducing in detail their technique and concepts from first principles.

Chicho (Mariano Frumboli) and Eugenia Parrilla

Chicho is renowned worldwide as one of the founders and investigators of Tango Nuevo. With his partner Eugenia, they have a young and dynamic style which they constantly renew and further develop by challenging their own limits. They represent the new generation of tango dancers with their spontaneity, freshness and technical talent. Chicho has cooperated closely with Gustavo Naveira and Fabian Salas. His dancing is characterized above all by musicality and improvisation. In a unique way he expresses the essence of the music in his dancing. In his teaching he emphasizes being conscious of the body's movement. Eugenia works with a mixture of the languages of tango and modern dance. Eugenia was also was part of Mauricio Castro‘s investigatory group Tango Discovery. Eugenia: natural and clear in her concept of movement, one of the most exciting young dancers right now. Investigation, use of dynamics and energy form an important part of her teaching vocabulary.


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No. Day Level Start End Theme Venue Price Select
1 Saturday Advanced Only 10:00 11:30 Structure Counting House 18/16ETS
2 Saturday Advanced Only 12:00 13:30 Ganchos Counting House 18/16ETS
3 Saturday Advanced Only 14:00 15:30 Boleos Counting House 18/16ETS
4 Saturday Advanced Only 16:00 17:30 Colgadas Counting House 18/16
5 Sunday Intermediate 11:00 12:30 Structure Counting House 18/16ETS
6 Sunday Intermediate 13:00 14:30 Tango Counting House 18/16ETS
7 Sunday Advanced Only 15:00 16:30 Saccadas Counting House 18/16ETS
8 Sunday Advanced Only 17:00 18:30 Musicality/Rhythm Counting House 18/16ETS

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The advanced classes may be taken individually or as a package of all 6 classes.
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