Weekend Tango Workshops

BAILONGO 3! - A Celebration of Argentine Tango in the UK

2-4 December 2005

The third edition of the UK tango festival organised by Ricardo and Jenny. A weekend of dancing, and classes with teachers from around the UK. Join 150 other dancers from the UK and Ireland for a great weekend.

This year we offer you the opportunity to:

  • Dance every night in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities.
  • Enjoy a weekend of workshops with the UK’s leading tango couples.
  • Socialise, eat, drink and dance with the masters in the famous Tango Café
  • Attend the ETS Winter Ball with tango performances and invited DJ from Holland.
  • Buy great value passes to get the most out of the weekend.

Download a pdf of the programme

Jenny Frances and Ricardo Oria

Since beginning to work together in 2002, Jenny and Ricardo have performed and taught all over the UK, in Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Spain and Argentina. Expressive and spontaneus in performance, detailed and engaged in teaching. Their performance has been described as “stunning work of elegant movement and feeling“ (Fringe Report). They travel regularly to Buenos Aires to further their training with masters such as los Dinzel and are based in Edinburgh.


Jessie Kennedy and Monica Tamariz

They were among the founders of the Edinburgh Tango Society and continue to teach weekly classes. Jessie has travelled extensively to study tango with the leading maestros. Their teaching emphasizes precision in technique and focuses on the couple relation. In their dance they play with the forces within the couple and with moments of tension and release.


Genoveva Fernandez & Andres 'Tanguito' Cejas

Genoveva & Andres represent the purest style of argentine Tango, mixing in their choreographies diverse rhythms like milonga, waltz, and tango. They have worked with the best argentine orchestras like Mariano Mores's Orchestra, Sexteto Mayor, Berlinghieri- Bafa, Raul Garello. Sexteto Sur, among others. They performed in many, theatres in Argentina and abroad, taking part in productions with prestigious dancers as Vanina Bilous and Roberto Herrera, Osvaldo Zotto and Lorena Hermosida, Los Dinzel, Nélida y Nelson , Gloria y Eduardo, and others. They performed with Mariano Mores in the Royal Festival Hall and were special guests of Julio Iglesias in the casinos of Vilamora de Algarves and Espino in Portugal. They were creative and artistic directors in the show 'Ventarrones de Tango' that was presented in the II Festival de Tango de Mentekulta in Portugal.In the UK they work mainly in Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield and London.


Giraldo Escobar and Anabela Cruz Heck

Giraldo and Anabela are dancers and teachers of great quality. Their tango masters are Osvaldo Zotto and Lorena Ermocida, Pupy Castello, Carlos Gavito, Gustavo Naveira and many other national and international respected Argentinean masters. This year they have been touring the UK with the orchestra ‘Tango Siempre’ in the show ‘Subitango!’. Giraldo is known in Edinburgh from his performances in a tango show at the Edinburgh Festival in 2004

Introduction to Tango and Milongas

This year we also present a special Tango Beginners Course for those who want to try tango for the first time or go back to basics. Under the expert tutelage of Edinburgh’s Jessie Kennedy and Mónica Tamariz.

  • Saturday 4.00-5.30
  • Sunday 4.00-5.30

Both classes will be at The Counting House West Nicloson Street

Friday 2nd Opening Milonga

The Lot, Grassmarket. 9pm – 1am kindly supported by Media Education Ltd, Edinburgh

Saturday 3rd : ETS Winter Ball

Pollock Halls, 8pm-3am

For extra information please go to

Jenny and Ricardo's Rumbos de Tango Website


No. Day Level Start End Theme Venue Price Select
1 Saturday Improver 12:00 13:30 Intention X 2 with Jenny and Ricardo Counting House £15/£12

Venue Map and Addresses


Individual Prices

  • Opening Milonga £5
  • Winter Ball £16
  • Individual workshops £15 / £12 ETS
  • Beginners Course £10
  • Tango café £2 per day
  • Sunday Milonga £2


Pass A - £46 Pass B - £62 Pass C - £76
  • 2 workshops
  • Winter Ball
  • Tango café
  • both Milongas
  • 4 workshops
  • Winter Ball
  • Tango café
  • both Milongas
  • 6 workshops
  • Winter Ball
  • Tango café
  • both Milongas

Booking by Post only

All passes must be booked and paid for in advance (before Friday 25th November 2005). We like to balance the number of men and women in workshops. To help us do this please book early.

Download a pdf of the programme and booking form

Please make Cheques payable to ‘Rumbos de Tango’, and include:

  • which workshops you would like to attend
  • whether you will be dancing the man’s or woman’s role
  • A contact telephone number/email address.

Postal address for payment:

Jenny Frances and Ricardo Oria
2/4 Dock Place

Reservations and enquiries:

Email: [email protected] Tel: 07890 122 015


Accommodation: Try visitscotland or phone 0845 2255121. Newington is a good area to stay.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more help or information.

For extra information and booking please go to Jenny and Ricardo's Rumbos de Tango webpage