Weekend Tango Workshops

Musical Workshops for Dancers with Joaquín Amenábar

3-4 July 2004


The goal of these classes is to help the dancer to develop a deeper connection with tango music while dancing by understanding the different rhythmical patterns and the tango form and structure (its different parts, lengths of phrases, changes of moods and orchestrations), to be able to use their body as a musical instrument to interpret tango. Joaquín Amenábar, with a long experience in teaching music in the Buenos Aires Conservatory of Music and the Folk Music School has developed a method of teaching tango without using musical technical terminology. IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO KNOW MUSIC OR TO BE ABLE TO READ MUSIC. All the examples used in the class are recorded or played by Joaquín on his Bandoneón so the dancers work only by hearing the examples and dancing to them. There is NO NEED to book in couples, since the work is INDIVIDUAL.

Joaquín Amenábar

Joaquín Amenábar has developed a teaching system of tango musicality for tango dancers - not only the rhythmical patterns but also the tango form, its structure and the system of phrases, parts' repetitions system, etc- without using musical terminology, which simplifies notoriously the learning for the dancers that in most cases do not have this type of formation. 1. Understanding the different rhythmical patterns in tango, milonga and vals. 2.Tango form and structure. Phrases system, parts of the tango and its repetition system, etc and its relation with the dance. 4. Choreographic planning and Improvisation in relation with the tango structure, -regular or irregular structure. 5. Different orchestras and the relationship between orchestral style and dance style. No musical knowledge is required for the courses. In the "Rythm" and "Form and Structure" courses, at all levels, it is not required to form a couple, it is posible to work individually. The classes are given in English, French, German or Italian depending on the country, without translator. Joaquín Amenábar has a wide experience on teaching musicality. These classes have been held in Nürnberg, Stuttgart, Berlin, München and Hannover in Germany; Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland in New Zealand; Canberra, Melbourne, Sidney and Adelaide in Australia; Chicago in USA, London in England within other countries.


The director and 1st bandoneon of the ‘Orquesta Ti

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No. Day Level Start End Theme Venue Price Select
1 Saturday Open 11:30 1:30 Tango Rhythm I Counting House £16/£18
2 Saturday Improver/Intermediat 14:00 16:00 Tango Form and Structure I Counting House £16/£18
3 Sunday Improver/Intermediat 11:30 1:30 Tango Rhythm II Counting House £16/£18

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£16 per class for ETS subscribers/£18 for non-ETS

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