Weekend Tango Workshops

Tango USA - Alex and Homer with Jessie

10-11 January 2004

To start the year, a weekend with two excellent dancers and teachers from the US. Alex is from Portland, Oregon, and is a regular visitor to Edinburgh. Homer is from LA and this will be the first time he has taught in Scotland

Alex Krebs

Alex is based in Portland, and teaches in the USA and Europe. He teaches Argentine tango for the social dance floor, emphasizing the improvisatory side of the dance through a strong communication between the lead and follow and on musicality. Alex tries to give his students the vocabulary necessary so that each person can find their own unique way of dancing -- dancing the tango of their own body.



Homer & Cristina are outstanding young performers and teachers of Argentine Tango. Inventive enthusiasts of the popular "New Tango" school, their dancing also reflects the traditional roots of the dance. Their creative energy and utter joy of tango dance is simply beautiful to watch. Few dancers improvise with such skill, personality, and fluidity of movement. As teaching partners they teach both open & close embrace tango. Each is skilled in both the leader's and follower's roles, with an emphasis on developing an organic partner connection and musical expression. While these aspects of tango are indeed what make the dance so special, they are often the most difficult to put into words, and for this their instruction is invaluable. Because of their deep understanding of tango improvisation, they are able to create a class environment where small epiphanies occur in their students all the time. They are committed to helping dancers discover that tango is more than just steps, and that everyone holds within them a creative voice to share with their partners.



No. Day Level Start End Theme Venue Price Select
1 Saturday Improver->Advanced 10:30 12:00 Homer: The Use of Lines in Effortless Movement. Counting House 12 (10 ETS)
2 Saturday Improver->Advanced 12:30 14:00 Homer: Alterations between the Earth and the Moon Counting House 12 (10 ETS)
3 Saturday Inter/Adv 14:30 16:00 Homer: The Art of Overturned Sacadas & Ganchos. Counting House 12 (10 ETS)
4 Saturday Advanced Only 16:30 18:00 Homer: Soltadas (release of embrace, intro or more Adv. material) Counting House 12 (10 ETS)
5 Sunday Improver->Advanced 10:30 12:00 Alex: Musicality: Beyond the basic rhythm Counting House 12 (10 ETS)
6 Sunday Improver->Advanced 12:30 14:00 Alex: Refining your dance Counting House 12 (10 ETS)
7 Sunday Inter/Adv 14:30 16:00 Alex: Interaction Counting House 12 (10 ETS)
8 Sunday Advanced Only 16:30 18:00 Alex & Homer surprise Counting House 12 (10 ETS)

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Private Classes

Private classes with Alex or Homer $65 per hour. Alex will be available to teach private classes on Saturday the 10th January from 10:00-18:00 - first come first served. Homer will be available to teach privates classes on Sunday the 11th January from 10:00-16:00 - first come first served. Email Jessie to make a reservation - [email protected]

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