Weekend Tango Workshops

Milonga! Gabriela Elias and Eduardo Perez

27-28 June 2009


Comprehensive courses by world-leading milonga figures Gabriela and Eduardo Perez.

Gabriela Elias & Eduardo Perez

After many years in the world of tango, Gabriela and Eduardo met in a milonga in 1996. They have been dancing together ever since, becoming members of the “Mariano Mores” dance company, first as principal dancers and then as directors of the dance group.


They have performed for many orchestras including José Colangelo, Las Tangueras, Los Reyes del Tango. They have also shared the stage with people like Libertad Lamarque, Julio Iglesias, Estela Raval and Los 5 Latinos.


Gabriela and Eduardo have travelled the world teaching and showing their dance. They have performed at the Royal Festival Hall (London), Carre (Amsterdam), Waldorf Astoria (NY), Ceasar Palace (Las Vegas & Atlantic City), Canecao (Rio de Janeiro), and World Economic Forum (Davos) for the visit of HRH Queen Elizabeth.


They have toured Argentina extensively, where they have performed at the most prestigious theatres, including the world renowned Teatro Colon. In 2003 they were appointed as judges of the Tango World Championship and as maestros of the Tango World Festival, positions they have retained ever since.


Gabriela and Eduardo are the organizers of “La Baldoza” one of the most prestigious and authentic milongas of Buenos Aires.


People say that Gabriela and Eduardo love Tango, but that their real passion is in Milonga with Traspie.