Weekend Tango Workshops

Maxi Cristiani & Fatima Vitale

29 September 2012


We are pleased to announce the visit of the 2012 Metropolitan Champions.

Maxi and Fatima will give 3 workshops during the day, and a world class dance exhibition in the evening.


Maxi Cristiani & Fatima Vitale

Maxi and Fatima's dance is caracterised by its fluidity dynamism and elegance. They are both part of the company Corporación Tangos, and have extensively toured internationally with famous tango shows. They work in the most prestigious "casas de tango" in Buenos Aires.


Fatima and Maxi competed in this year Championship Metropolitan, taking the title of Champion in the categories Tango and Milonga.


Fátima Vitale has a formation of Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary Dance. She came into Tango and Folklore while studying in the National University of Arts in Buenos Aires.


Maximiliano Cristiani was part of the first generation of Ballet A-Z, where he was taught by the old milongueros (amongst others by Gerardo Portalea, Carlitos y Rosa, Pupy Castello). Maxi has been dedicating himself to teaching tango in internationally for the last 10 years, and has his own school in Buenos Aires.


It is their first visit to the UK, where they will be teaching and performing in London and Edinburgh.


No. Day Level Start End Theme Venue Price Select
1 Saturday Improver 13:30 15:00 Tango Salon: Analisis of the structure, walks, intention, embrace and connection in close embrace. Lifecare Centre £16
2 Saturday Intermediate 15:15 16:45 Giros: musicality, sacadas of the leader and follower Lifecare Centre £16
3 Saturday Advanced 17:00 18:30 Complex movements and combinations in small spaces and close embrace Lifecare Centre £16

Venue Map and Addresses


£16 per person per workshop.

Venue Address

Lifecare Centre, Stockbridge House, 2 Cheyne Street, Edinburgh, EH4 1JB.


Dance Exhibition at Milonga de mis Amores


Maxi and Fatima, world-class dancers, will give a dance performance at Milonga de mis Amores. Not to be missed!


Sat 29th September, 9pm-1am. Lifecare Centre, Stockbridge House, 2 Cheyne Street, Edinburgh, EH4 1JB.

£7 / £5 conc.



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