Weekend Tango Workshops

Barbara Wainnright and Mario de Camillis

30 October 2011


We are pleased to announce the visit of the 2011 Metropolitano Champions to Edinburgh. Barbara and Mario -who obtained the first position in the categories Milonga and Vals, and came subchampions in Tango Salon- will be offering three workshops on Sunday 30th October.

Barbara Wainnright and Mario de Camillis

About their concept of tango:
Tango is a beautiful, deep, mysterious and simple dance.
It is a popular dance, and therein lies its magic.

The purpose of their teaching is that you dance, calm, comfortable, happy.
Knowing that everything that happens is the result of a choice. That each movement is dancing, and none of them is more important than the rest.

Dancing is a pleasure. It must be enjoyed.

Which Tango? The traditional one, the one that rescues the roots, the connection and the pleasure in each movement. The dance to the ground, the cadence, the musicality and that atmosphere achieved only with the intimacy of a deep embrace fused in the beating of a single heart.
But also the Tango, that tries, evolves, mixes, loses and find itself with the sole reason of playing.


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Venue: LifeCare Centre, 2 Cheyne Street, Edinburgh, EH4 1JB.


No. Day Level Start End Theme Venue Price Select
1 Sunday Improver 12:00 14:30 Pivots: different types and dynamics, balance Lifecare Centre 17/18
2 Sunday Intermediate 14:00 15:30 Musicality in vals Lifecare Centre 17/18
3 Sunday Inter/Adv 16:00 17:30 Milonga lisa and with traspie Lifecare Centre 17/18

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18 /17 for ETS members or people who book more than one workshop.

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