Weekend Tango Workshops

Biki & Muzo

6-7 November 2010

Birkit Wildenburg and Muzaffer Demiray

Biki and Muzaffer started dancing tango together in 1992. They founded their own tango school in late 1994. Since then they have been teaching and performing in and outside the Netherlands.
They like to work with the many different forms of tango, sometimes traditional, but also modern or experimental. Our style is playful, musical and dynamic. They like to play with virtuosity in quick, rhythmical movements as well as showing modesty and suspension in slow motion movements. They find the tango to be full off contrasts (intense/casual, sad/happy, quick/slow, open embrace/closed embrace, traditional/modern…) and hope to express that in their performances.
As teachers they dedicated themelves to gathering a thorough knowledge of the technique of movement and improving their analytic abilities. They regularly use exercises in their classes; body exercises to make certain movements easier or get a better understanding of them, but also for example exercises to stimulate improvisation. Another important ingredient of their teaching is humour. “It is their experience that people learn faster and better if they have fun and enjoy what they are doing…”
Besides teaching they really like to perform, not only at milongas and/or festivals, but also in the theatre. In 1997 we danced for the first time in a theatre production and 7 years later they finally made their dream come true with their tango show “Ensueños de Tango”. With this show they are and will be on tour until halfway through 2007. Besides this tango show they have been on tour with Frankt Groothof (Dutch actor) where they danced and acted in his “musical-theatre-production” for children called Örpheus en de Hellehond van de Hades".



No. Day Level Start End Theme Venue Price Select
1 Saturday Improver 12:00 13:30 TANGO: Linear and circular ochos Life Care Centre £19 single / £30 couple
2 Saturday Improver/Intermediat 14:00 15:30 TANGO: Possibilities with giros and sacadas Life Care Centre £19 single / £30 couple
3 Saturday Inter/Adv 16:00 17:30 MILONGA: To improvise with cortados and boleos Life Care Centre £19 single / £30 couple
4 Sunday Improver 12:00 13:30 TANGO: Playing with rhythm and cortados Life Care Centre £19 single / £30 couple
5 Sunday Intermediate 14:00 15:30 WALTZ: To turn and return Life Care Centre £19 single / £30 couple
6 Sunday Inter/Adv 16:00 17:30 TANGO: “Swirls” planeo and circular movements Life Care Centre £19 single / £30 couple

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