Tango Dance Shoes and Clothes

What to Wear...

In the classes

Wear comfortable clothing, and shoes with a leather or similar sole. Rubber soled trainers and sandals will be hard work to dance in. Women will start to dance in high heels as they gain more practice, and may choose to start wearing at the beginners class. Long skirts can also get tangled and make it difficult to see your feet when you are trying to learn some of the steps.

In the milonga

Milongas in Edinburgh are fairly informal, so you can dress how you like. There is no tango 'costume' like many formal dances, just where what you like, what is comfortable, what puts you in the mood. Most people dress smartly, but don't worry about turning up in jeans.


Shoes are the main/only bit of equipment that you need to dance tango. You may find that you dance for ever with any pair of shoes, or you might never be satisfied and buy a new pair every month. You have a choice of normal shoes, dance shoes, or special dance trainers.

Men's shoes

For men, street shoes with a leather shoe are perfectly acceptable, but you will probably find it more comfortable to buy some dance shoes with a suede sole. The leather on these shoes is fine and supple, and the sole thin, so it is easier to feel the floor and control your foot. Careful with patent leather shoes as the will stick on the sides, so need some grease.

Women's shoes

More information coming soon