Salsa in Switzerland and Turin

This is based on information send to me by Andreas Stuber. He will be setting up his own server some on Salsa in Switzerland but this is not active yet.



Big Ben, every sunday night


Aarebar, every thursday night
NEWS 16/4/96 :"The "Aarebaar", which had Salsa on Thursdays will stop Salsa (new owners). There is a new place, where the whole scene "emigrated". I didn't have time yet to check this out.. There still will be Sala in the Aarebaar for the next few weeks."
Espavados - Rincon Latino,
Ziegelackerstr.11a, Bethlehem (Bern). Take the Bus 14 until Bethlehem-Saege, near Galenica. Every Friday from 21.00 until 03.30, free entry. Saturdays as well, but then the National Theater is better.
Theater National,
(almost) every Sunday night or Saturday?


El cubanito


In the summer: Golden Beach Pub (beside the Voile d'Or) right on the beach.
Casino de Montbenon (Only if they have concerts)


Parati, every night (not my favourite)
Palladium (Only if they have special concerts, but then it's really worth while...)


Turin /Italy

Charlestown, Sunday night
Portes, Wednesday night
In Summer, they dance in a club on the colle della Maddalena, above the city. Index

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