Samba and Brazilian Music and dance in Edinburgh

What is Samba?

Samba is the music and dance of Brazilian Carnival: a spectacle that can amount to up to four hundred drummers and several thousand dancers. Samba is the music of the African slaves transported to Latin America and has strong links to Western African drumming forms. It is highly percussive and uses large drums (SURDOS), bells (COWBELLS and double- and triple-toned AGOGOS), high pitched drums (REPANIQUES), snare drums (CAIXAS), TAMBORIMS, GANZAS, GUIEROS, CHOCALHOS, PANDEIROS and other instruments large and small. (for more about Samba go SambaLA)


TESS is a community project with charitable status, founded in 1992, promoting Samba music and awareness of Brazilian culture in Edinburgh. Our popularity is reflected in the number of high-profile events at which TESS has performed, eg Scottish Cup Final, Edinburgh Festival Cavalcade, Edinburgh Hogmany events, opening of the Scottish Parliament and headlining at the National Day of Percussion.


The sambsa school has given birth to various other groups over the years, that play more professionally, and mix in other styles of music - try the BANDS page for more info.

Mat Clements runs a company providing samba school based team builkding and community events


There are capoeira courses in several venues in the city.

Other Samba Schools

Since opening this page we have had mail from other Samba Schools:

Suffolk School of Samba
contact Paul, [email protected].
Imperio do Papagaio, Finland
Harri Engstrand president of a Finnish samba school named Imprio do Papagaio writes: " We have 120 members here in Helsinki the capitol of Finland. In November IdoP will be 6 years old. Our school is a member of the Finnish Samba School Association which consists of 5 schools in southern Finland and have all together around 500 members. Last weekend (June 10th) we had a street carnival here in Helsinki for the 5th time. This year there wasn't a competition between schools but we joined our forces in a massive parade in Finnish scale. We also had Swedish visitors in our carnival with their own parade and grupos playing in our night show along with schools. " Contact: Harri, [email protected] or Jupe, [email protected] or go to Samba in Finland
Copacabana, Sweden
Band Leader Johan writes: "I read with great interest about your samba school . I've been playing samba for 10 years here in Sweden. I play repenique leading a Bateria in Sweden. We have a group that play Pagode and Samba. Our influences is Fundo de Quintal, Chico Buarque, Beth Carvalho, Noel Rosa amongst many others. Our Group Copacabana consists of 7 members including the following instruments; Cavaquinho, Guitar, Guitar 7 strings, Banjo, Pandeiro, Surdo and Repique de Mo. Contact Johan Wikstrm or go to Samba in Sweden page.

There is another Samba School on the Web :SambaLA in LA of course, with a good set of pages.


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There are capoeira courses in several venues in the city. , a newsgroup.


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