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Infomation about Latin music and dance in other parts of the world - This information that has been sent to me, or I have found on the WEB. It refers generally to places where one would have to search for a place to dance or play, not somewhere where it was commonplace. If you have a favorite local club or venue, please let me know and I can publicise it - I'm always getting requests. For more details try the on-line sources section



Switzerland and Turin
Some dance CLubs and venues thanks to Andreas.
Brussels, Belgium
Try Carramba in Brussels - lots goin on in Belgium. The famous 'Noche de Pasion' in Ghent is a bit OTT though.
Salsa in France

Paris web pages from Michel Haddad of 'SalsaLovers'.

OLD: Andreas from Bern says there are some clubs and venues in Paris
Philippe from Grenoble has a salsa page in his guide to Grenoble music. They have a couple of schools and 3 nights a month.


A German Salsa Guide to Latin dance and music in Germany.
Salsaholic ,a great German guide by Klaus Reiter.
The Netherlands has several sites. For example, or Amsterdam salsa

from Marco

Lausanne, CH
Tango en Suisse.
Dublin, Ireland
I've been to some good salsa nights at the Gaiety in Dublin, and there is a great crowd! Try this site
Thursday nights in G.Tucker (Aker Brygge, Oslo), e-mail Maurice
Southern Finland
Imperio do Papagaio samba school
OYE ¡LISTEN! is producing and international version with details of Amsterdam dates
Salsotek, a Stockholm Salsa Club
Copacabana, Brazilian band, and Samba in Sweden


Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Where to dance in Tel-Aviv, thanks to information sent by Yigal Korolevski . Try LatinGate Home Page as well.



Toronto, Canada
Penny from Toronto writes
" I am living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Latin dancing is becoming very popular here with many clubs giving free classes before the club opens. There are regular classes as well, offering the different levels of instruction. I have taken classes (salsa, meringue etc.) with Alberto Gomez at La Classique.
Other Latin Clubs here are El Rancho, Flamingo, Berlin has salsa night on Tuesdays and Ivory has a latin night on Wednesdays. Those are just a few."
a web page from Toronto
Try also the Cafe Cubana run by Karen in Toronto, a mailing list about world music and cultural issues
New York City, USA
Little Judy's Latin Music Online! page guide to the New York Salsa Scene and much much more.
Washington DC From DC Music Server - about 5 clubs over there.
Jenny Ketcham writes from DC "All my favorite ones are there [Adams-Morgan.], most of them smaller and less "disco-ey" than Diversite and Bravo-Bravo. The best, to my mind is Habana Village Cafeon Columbia Road near 18th (second floor), and I've had good reviews on Latin Jazz Alley, also on Columbia, closer to 17th. Feel free to give my name and
email address to anyone looking for their DC Salsa connection."
Los Angeles, USA
SambaLA samba school
Some recomendations of LA salsa venues in the Dancers' Archive, collected7/1995
Boston, USA
Latin Dance: Boston Scene
Chicago Salsa
Japan -try this site
Shawn Koppenhoefer in Lausanne has an extensive list of Tango venues around the world in his Tango server.

For more on tango try the Edinburgh Tango Page

Thanks for the messages of support from : "sampa" in New York, Elly in Tasmania, Norma in Indiana, Yigal in Israel, Hamish in the UK, "McDonald" in Newcastle, " hboemtb" a Sydney DJ, Chris in Manchester, Callum in London, Henry in Illinios, Jupe in Finland, Miguel in Virginia, Marco in the US, CC1 in "world"!, Ken-Jose in Virginia, Sheila in US, "dbaeumer" in Bielefeld, "fbafonso" in Brazil, bob in US, kirsten in the Netherlands, Harri from Finland, Ricardo from Cardiff, Ben from Plymouth, Ian from Edinburgh, Judy from NY, Tina from LA, Carlo from LA, Vladimiro from all over the place, Anwar living in South Carolina, 'mako' in Birmingham, Alabama, Andreas in Switzerland and Czech republic, Liz and Marty from Electric Mercado, Mick from vermont, Penny from Toronto, Robert from Indiana, Ted from Seattle, Francesco from London, Filippo from Italy, Judie from Vancouver, Philippe from Grenoble, miss anita from California, Gerard from Manchester, Gareth from US?, Neil from Glasgow, Joanna from Glasgow, Simon from the UK, Rob from Wichita, Kansas, Chris in London, Mac in Texas, Ana in Puerto Rico, Angela and her class in the US, Steve in Bristol, Lubi from Leeds, Rob from Amsterdam, Eduard from Stockholm, 'Sims', John, Nina from London, Lucy from Scotland, Lauren from Ohio, 'azad' from Bournmouth, Victor from Chile, Kia from the US, Jo from Exeter, Maurice from Oslo, Fernando from Houston, Alan from London, Trygve from Olso, Cara in Coventry, Eduado in Toronto, Peter from Aberdeen, Daniel from Argentina, Adrian from Argentina, Michel from Paris and all those who use the page in Edinburgh.

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