Salsa has been around in Edinburgh for nearly 10 years, with regular clubs and classes. In the last few years salsa has become popular everywhere not least in Edinburgh, and is no longer the preserve of afficionados. Edinburgh has clubs and bars where salsa is played every night, and there are classes for all levels and in different styles.


If you want to learn salsa, try one of the classes run in the bars and clubs. If you like it , then there are many different teachers, try out their classes to see if you like their style and the people in the group. Visit the Salsaholics website for info on classes etc


If you are visiting Edinburgh, or have moved here, then there is somewhere to dance nearly every night.


Edinburgh has its resident latin band - Salsa Celtica, who mix jazz, celtic, cuban and NYC salsa. Members of the band also play with Venezuelan singer Carlos 'y sus Muchachos'. On Sunday afternoons catch Carlos arrendondo playing traditional South American music at La Habana bar. BANDS Page.


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