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News and Comment October 2001

The New National Centre for Dance, run by DanceBase was opened officially by Prince Charle accompanied by Prince William, last Friday. They were entertained by the gumboots show, and tango dancers from the Edinburgh Tango Society. Prince William was pictured in scottish newspaper with local brazilian samba star Lucia. The new centre is a world class dance facility, with 4 fantastic studios, changing rooms, and other facilities. If you want to do a dance class this is the place to go! Full set of new classes start the 1st October, including salsa, samba, tango, capoiera, flamenco, african and many more.

Dancebase have also employed a new tango teacher, Ricardo Oría from Buenos Aires. Ricardo is a young professional dancer who will be working in scotland and elsewhere to introduce argentine tango, and provide professional teaching and to work in performance. He is teaching beginners classes on Mondays at Dance for All, Tuesday at DanceBase, Wednesday and Thursday lunchtimes at Edinburgh University, a free class 5:30 on Sundays at NBs bar, and Saturdays in Dundee.

There is a new salsa/son night in Leith run by Salsa connections, a son and rueda with Nick and Margaret, and DJ Mikyel. It is in Mariachi's Mexican Restaurant at Commercial Quay in Leith (the Water of Leith end of it) Starts Thursday 27th Sept ad every thursday from then on.

Peter and Fiona have a new programme of classes, and still has no replacement for Friday night. Fiona is teaching NY mambo style from this Monday at Southbridge Resource Centre, Infirmary St, two beginners classes: 4-5.30pm and 5.30-7pm. A 10 week course, you can book when you come along to the first or second class. She will also be teaching a mambo footwork class at the Pleasance, University sports centre on Fridays 5.30 - 6.30pm, starting 12th October. Drop in.

There are various salsa workshops this month with Alberto Nunez in Edinburgh on 6th & 7th  October. Contact Carol Ann for more information [email protected] and Josie Neglia on the 2nd October

Nick Child and others are trying to set up a network to promote salsa dancing in Edinburgh, from the point of view of providing more information, practicas, and som cordination on dance nights to get more people into dancing, and keeping in dancing. email Nick on <[email protected]> Nick also sends out a great update on information every few weeks, so mail him if you want to subscribe.


Sept 2001

Not news, apart from Baracoa closing down and a party for Sam leaving again after the summer. everything quiet again after the festival.

Baracoa has been sold to be turned into a resturant - some story of problems with the licence. This is a shame, as venues are now shrinking in number again. The salsa classes from Peter and Fiona will be moving. Their Friday night classes at Why Not restart on the 6th Sept.

There is a new tango teacher lving here from Buenos Aires, Ricardo Oría. If ou want lessons see, and a new clickable map of tango in scotland

Also the new Edinbugh Spanish Circle programme is out

There is a Glasgow Salsa page from Graeme


I keep getting requests from around the world for details of latin dance activities in cities outside Edinburgh. I am happy to pass on info, put people in touch, and publish short lists of clubs etc in different countries. If you mail me, please send me info about what you know of in your home town, and also whether I can pass on your address to others who know things in your area.

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On-line news June 2001

I've tried to bring some order to the On-line Sources page as people are sending me more things - I hope it is proving useful to someone!







  • Steve Shipway from Bristol has details of dance venues there.
  • There is a Miami page now
  • Check out Latin Music - what is it? a great page by Rae Condry explaining the history of some of the different forms of music ( Mariachi, Tango ), and with links to resources and shops in various places. It is part of Latinos Infiltrating CyberSpace with sections on geography, literature, food, history etc.