Internet Sources

Including Music Sources and Other Cultural Links

On-line Latin Music and Dance Sources

This is just a list of some sources that mayor may not be interesting, or irrelevent or rubbish. They all link onto different, and the same sites! If you run a site or find one, please send me more details.
This is now getting bigger and bigger - I have tried to rationalise it a bit with some vague categories, but if you want a good idea of what is on the Net try one of the many other indexes. Try also the world and UK links pages for other resources.

City/Country based guides and mail lists

General Music sites



Brazilian or Samba


For more go to the Tango Pages

Bands/ Musicians etc

Some are by fans, some by the record companies and some by the band themselves. For lots of NYC bands see Latin Music Online!

Dance stuff

The CD NOW music retail catalogue has lots of music from South America. I include here a couple of links, but explore yourself.

Ritmo-Y-Mas A Latino Music Bookstore - "specialising in the American (i.e. USA, I guess) Latino experience"


Broader Cultural links etc etc

This was compiled in 1995, so there is loads more things out there now, but this could be a start. Many of the sites have ceased to exist - I guess the owners got a life!


Published by J Stewart
Last Updated 5/12/99, although not fully