Dance Classes

Edinburgh Dance Classes

SALSA, and other latin dances

These pages are completely out of date

For Salsa go to Salsaholics, or tango go to the Edinburgh Tango Society

For other dances start with such places as Dancebase

There are lots of dance classes and teachers. Several of the bars offer short classes to drop into, and teachers offer classes arranged by terms. If you are new to dancing try one of the bars, then if you prefer a more structured class for beginners go to one of the termly classes with Alba, Sam or Manuel. There are also regular workshops with visiting professionals and local teachers for really intense learning

Dance Base

Edinburgh's Council-supported dance centre. Many different dance classes available. They also put on shows and special events. they are now in the new National Centre for Dance in the Grass market, a great new dance facility for amateur and professional dancers.


Booking and Enquiries: 0131 225 5525, [email protected]

PROGRAMME Autumn/Winter 2001 copied from their website.

Also Samba, Capoeria, Sevillanas, Tango, Flamenco, Jazz, tap, Scottish, Country, Ballroom, Swing, Contemporary, Ballet, Belly Dancing....FULL PROGRAMME

Dance For All Studios at the THEATRE SCHOOL*

106 St Stephen's Street, Stockbridge.
Argentine Tango by Jessie, and Monica
7:45-9pm Beginners
9-10pm Improvers
Classes introduce argentine tango, and focus on developing body control, musical interpretation, and skills for leading and following.
More Info: Ring Tracy Hawkes on 226 5533

Classes in El Barrio or their own website

Orlando & Paola (Couples & Ladies' styling)

Joel Rojas (with his particular Energetic & Smooth style)

Eliecer & Karen Reyes (The UK 2000 Merengue Champions)

All classes £4 per session.

Edinburgh City Council Classes

Classes in Cuba Norte


Freddy Ramirez

Ann 443 2697

Carol Anne

Phone Carol Ann 443 2697


teaches beginners salsa at Edinburgh Dance Studios, Westfield Hall, Gorgie 7-8pm, and dancing til late. [email protected] Not sure what day anymore!

Edinburgh Univeristy Sport Centre

This is a new one on me - but thre are tuesday lunchtime exercise classes called something like Salsacise, or workour salsa - get fit with salsa based gym class!


Other Dances

Tango : events by the Edinburgh Tango Society and Dance for All and DanceBase, and details of other tango events in Edinburgh and elsewhere.

Rueda de Casino 'The Betternot Misstha Rueda Club' meets to dance Rueda on Monday evenings 8-10 at Baracoa for classes taught by Cuban Pete, but also contact Nick Child at Nick 0131-669-2184.

Samba - try the Edinburgh Samba School or ask Lucia in Brasilian Sensation or the Portuguese Brazilian Society

DanceBase have classes for beginners with Lucia May 1- July 3. at the Colmcille Centre 7:15-8:15. Ring Dance Base for booking (£38/28)

Capoeira courses now on 4 times a week . (this infomation is from early 2000)

Capoeria is a brazilian art form involving dance, music and song, a dance-fighting game developed by the slaves for fun and to keep fit,agile and dangerous!

Tuesday 6-7:30 Tollcross community Centre
Thursday 6-7:30 Edinbugh College of Art, Wee Red Bar
Friday 8-9pm. Course run by DanceBase 28/4-30/6 at Walpole Hall (£38/28)
Sunday 3-5 Bongo Club, the Cutting Room

£5/3.50 per class for non Dance Base classes.

. For information telephone Dion 0131 4460949 or 07932 688801

Mexican Popular Dances - contact the Mexican Society

Flamenco :Dancebase, Dance for All and the EU Hispanic Society run Flamenco classes

Dance for All has many regular Flamenco Classes
Sevillanas classes, Intermediate Flamenco Classes
 as does

There are also some Flamenco and Belly Dancing classes (women only) being run in Leith, but I don't know where.

Even more other Dances

Edinburgh has a lively dance scene with regular Ceroc, Leroc, Jive, Lindy Hop East and West Coast Swing and other classes and clubs. Of course there is Scottish dancing as well.


Swing Dance in Scotland

Edinburgh Swing Dance Society

Ceroc in Scotland

Leroc in Scotland

Afridonia and the EU African and Arabic Dance Society.

Edinburgh Scottish Dance Resource, for all scottish dances

RSCDS Edinburgh Branch and Dunedin Dancers- for scottish country dancing

Neil Munroe's complete guide to Dance in Glasgow

DanceBase for complete programme of classical and popular dance classes

 In Edinburgh one can learn many other dances including those from Africa, India, South and North America, The Middle East and more.

There are also places to learn to play ethnic music from scottish to african drumming.