Books and Music

Books and Music

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 Salsa Books

The Internet Music Shop sells sheet music and midi files, which can be sent be post or faxed. A search of their catalogue came up with two references to Salsa (1996)

Descaga have a great website and service. Started as a magazine and newsletter before the web came along, like most of the best services. Way back in 1995 they had :" main catalog, around 200 pages, is filled with over 4,000 items relating to Afro-Latin music (salsa, Latin jazz, folkloric rumba, mambo, santeria etc.). We have CDs, tapes, videos, instructional material, books, and instruments." " We also publish a newsletter (the Descarga Newsletter) which is bimonthly,around 20-22 pages per issue, and includes artist profiles, reviews of newreleases or reissues on CD, has interesting articles about the music (by muscians, producers, musicologists, record reviewers etc.) and also keeps you completely updated as to new items we include in our main mail-ordercatalog. A value at $17 for a 10 issue subscription (USA. All other countries:$40)" [email protected] They are based in Brooklyn, NY, USA. They sound good - are they? Norma At Notre Dame says they are!

Jazzwise Publications in the UK now do a selection of charts and tutors on afro-latin music.


Music Shops

Record shops in Edinburgh are getting better for this music - I've seen some decent stuff in Virgin, HMV on Princes Street, and Fopp, and not only cheap compilations.

Virgin (Princes Street). James Combe, regular DJ at some of the Edinburgh venues runs the world music section here, and is trying to build up a good stock of music from latin america. He can also advise and order music. Go there and ask for a guided tour of what he has in stock ( but make sure you have a full wallet!)

Jazz Records on Jeffrey St (of the High Street below North Bridge) has a selection of old Brazilian and Cuban LPs, some collectors items and expensive, but others more reasonable. The owner says there is quite a demand developing, and he will stock up on some general 60s and 70s latin rythmns. Alternatively Fopp on Cockburn Street is the best music shop but was pretty weak last time I was in (August 1996).

You could speak to the DJs at the clubs, such as Ana at Fiesta Latin, and they may have some imports to sell.

Try for MP3s at


For salsa, tango and reggea, try the excellent MUNDIAL mail order from the Netherlands
A new store RUANA (UK) is also on-line with tropical and other latin music

If you go to London or Paris then there are specialist shops, and the Virgin, HMV, Tower records have large collections.

There are some on-line record shops, as listed by Jorge Aragon-Garcia in his European Salsa mailing list plus more:

Company/Site Name



Salsa, reggae, lots of tango, great site and it is in Europe!

Descarga (USA)

Great company. Sell CDs, videos, books etc from extensive catalogue ($6) Publish bimonthly newsletter. Now all on line with e-shopping available. See Books and Music


New UK on-line music, instrument and craft store RUANA, with CD imports from latin america and other services an activities. Only just starting out, but could be something big.6/6/00 (ES)

Spain based on-line retailer of latin/hispanic music (USA)

Carry latin music. partner of GMX

Tower Records Europe (UK)

Megastore mail order department, reasonable latin american holdings


Main stream record shop

musicexpress (D)

CD German Music Express (GMX).

Ritmo-Y-Mas (US)

Tejano music and videos, books etc , don't know what they are like.

Latincompact (ES)

Spanish latino pop, salsa etc on-line retailer, with MP3 listening.

Music World - Spain (ES)

trilingual spainish based on-line retailer for spainish and 'tropical' music

Brazil CDs

Rare Brazilian records

Music of the Andes

Andean Music

Faroba (AR)

Buenos Aires based on-line retialer for Argenitine music and international. Just started so a little unsure (nov 99)

cdlatino (FR)

Pretty basic french latino music site.

Alastair Burt recommends Contacto , in Germany (august 1996)


If you want some suggestions on what to buy, look at the salsa page, which includesa brief history of salsa, and some record reviews I have recently started to include (2000)